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Welcome to Boss Babes!

Boss Babes was created in the Spring of 2022 to develop a space where you can advertise, network, learn from others, and grow your business without the expensive price tag found with some professional networks.

More importantly? Grow relationships with people that want you to grow and succeed.

I was getting really tired of getting “pitch” slapped by people on various platforms that had no idea what I actually do. Or joining a group only to have my hands tied by group leaders that would only let me advertise if I gave them a kick back.

Boss Babes was created out of that want.

I say networking is like dating. Not everyone is going to be a match. You may never actually do business with the person you’re speaking with…BUT…they might be a great referral partner, they may know “just the person” to introduce you to, they may have advice that you’re looking for, or just a friendly pep-talker that you will want to connect with occasionally to check in on. Heck, you mind find your “soul sister” or your next partner in crime (we don’t encourage bad behavior or pay bail money, but we LOVE hearing the stories).

Come join us for free…yep free online networking.

Bring a sense of humor and join us!

Join in the Conversation!

We have weekly networking events which are virtual and free.

Each platform has different members. Expand your horizons between all of our platforms.

I hope you enjoy your time wherever you are with Boss Babes!

There’s a new home to Boss Babes!

Join us at!

Why? Well it was in part inspired by all of you.

For the base Spark membership of $20 a month you get:

  • Unlimited connections
  • Access to groups
    • Groups have a live Chat room
    • Chat rooms have a video chat feature too!
  • Unlimited access to virtual networking events.
    • Networking is daily Monday – Saturday
  • Unlimited access to webinar
  • Access to the ACADEMY
    • Courses are from members that want to share their expertise
    • Learn something new. Skills, how to build your business, & more!
  • To join our Boss Babes group there go HERE!

Our Original Group on Alignable

Our original home. In the beginning? We did a networking event a month…now? Three weekly online networking, accountability groups, productivity sessions, member spotlights and more.

If you have not joined us please do!

Welcome to our LinkedIn Group

We expanded to LinkedIn at the request of our members. We originally had a page. Now we just started (09/2023) a group for easier communication. Groups can’t list events on LI, so please refer to the calendar below.

Facebook Group

We also expanded to Facebook by popular request.

Every platform has a slightly different group of women in it. We are excited to offer the ability to our ladies to expand beyond the original platform.

Find out when our next event is!

Please note time zone!

Events labeled with “Boss Babe’s” are free to all Boss Babe’s Networking members.

Events beginning with “Coaching” are for clients of Boss Babe’s Coaching.

Boss BabesRules & Regs!

I created Boss Babes to get away from the strict rigid online networking groups and platforms that keep a business woman from posting anything about what they actually do. We don’t like having a lot of rules. We’ve learned though that we do need some if we don’t want our feed to be SPAMed to death.

Please check individual events as to where they are meeting. They will now be held in various Zoom rooms. We’ve changed because we’re GROWING! Woo hoo!

Group Rules:

  1. Advertisements on Mondays only (See caveat below)
  2. Be Nice or be kicked out. In other words, play nice in the sand box.
  3. Be supportive or refer to rule 2
  4. Share successes!
  5. Network! Don’t just sell
  6. Ask questions. Educate
  7. Rude, snarky, mean, or breaking rule 2 will get you booted!
  8. Spamming will be booted out.
    • We define this as sending marketing emails to others without having had conversationS with that person.
  9. We promote from within the group. We look to foster relationships and build referral partnerships to help each other grow.
    • Please make sure that you only promote your own, or other group member’s businesses within the group first and foremost. It is contrary to this group’s interests to do otherwise. (If you do not know of a reliable group member that can perform the service to another BB then by all means, but Boss Babe’s to Boss Babe’s first.)  
  10. If you’re new please introduce yourself and your business. It’s the only exception to the Monday Advertisement rule.
  11. Caveat – Educational Posts. If you do an educational post that can help us grow our businesses or be supportive of us being Boss Babes…go for it.
  12. MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED – Sorry guys. This is a a women’s empowerment group. We will remove you from all events and delete you from the group if we see you joining…

Let’s make this a fabulous networking group.

Boss Babe’s Networking!

We can’t get better unless we know what we neeed to get better at. We would love to hear what you think. What you like, what you don’t. any suggestions you have.

Also, if you’re having a challenge with the group, or with someone in it, (even if it’s Michelle), please let us know. We want this to be a positive, uplifting, group where we can all thrive. If we need to address something we will. Sometimes we just don’t know. We created a form that is not traceable back any system that we use. The only thing it does, is take your information and shoot an email to us when it’s completed. So everything is anonymous unless you choose to share your information. We did it this way so no one would have any issues, even if you need to call Michelle out!

We truly thank you for being a part of the Boss Babe’s community. We look forward to seeing you around the group.

We will definitely take what you say to heart and under advisement. Please remember….I do this to network as well and…wait for it…free. I have a day job and as much as I adore all of you, if it’s a suggestion that is going to cost me additional funds to do so that are a tad out of the budget for the Boss Babe’s project it may have to wait until I win the lottery. ;)

Wishings for blessings, peace, joy, good fortune, and good times to you all! – Michelle

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