Coaching & Consulting Services

Are you looking for coaching for your specific needs?

Sometimes, to get to the next level it helps to have someone in your corner.

Who understands what your specific goals, can coach you, and can cheer you on. Help with:

  • Setting your Goals
  • Mapping out the plan to reach them
  • Managing your time instead of it managing you
  • Scheduling your activities to reach your goals
  • Helping with techniques, sales, planning, and organization skills
  • Learning actual sales skills, not just for one specific product but for anything
  • Setting up a business from scratch
  • Building a business plan to scale and grow
  • And more…

High Productivity Meetings are times to hyper focus on tasks, goals, and activities to get things done. They are built off of the Pomodoro effect.

The premise is you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.

This is for doing your Social Media posts, prospecting, working on a project, doing follow-up, data entry…whatever your kryptonite is. We all have them. Those things that we have to do but don’t necessarily like doing. They still need to be done though.

What to expect?

  • Sign into the Zoom a few minutes early and share your goals for the hour in the chat.
  • Once that is done, you are put into a breakrout room by yourself.
  • A timer is set for 15 minute in the main room
  • There will be an announcement at the 10 minute mark, and at the end of the 15 minutes.
  • Four (4) – 15 minute high productivity segments

You’d be amazed at how much you can get done in when you know time is counting down.

Meetings are held Monday through Thursday at 4 – 5 PM EST.

Are you looking for someone to run a sales team? A project team?

Sometimes an organization has a need for someone to come in and run a team. It could be that you’re covering a medical leave, a maternity or paternity leave. Sometimes you want a reset.

  • Cover a medical leave
  • Cover a Maternity / Paternity leave
  • Launch of a project
  • Focus needed elsewhere
  • Between leadership changes
  • Resetting the atmosphere and getting a team revived

Whatever the reason, book a time with me so we can discuss your needs.

Are you looking to teach your team a new skill? Or a series of them?

I’ve been a corporate trainer/mentor for about 30 years. With experience with everything from toilet paper to pixie dust. Let me help your team. Here are just a few topics:

  • Goal Planning and execution
  • Time Management -Get the most out of you day
  • Networking – Build your skills online and in-person
  • Customer Management and Retention
  • Hunting and Prospecting
  • And more…

Book some time with me to talk about your specific needs.

Are you looking for:

  • A team brainstorming and goal planning program?
  • A guest speaker at a confrerence or training event?
  • An outside perspective to bring your team to the next level?
  • Sales training for your team?
  • Training on Customer Service?
  • A business review?
  • A customized program to get your team to the next level?
  • And more…

Let me know how I can help. Whether it be training or looking at your overall business plan and giving you suggestions for improvements, organization, restructuring, and helping you build to a bigger brighter future…I can help. I would love to travel and help out your organization.

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