Do you have a goal? A plan? Written down?

If you’re in business? You have a goal.

It could be a sales, marketing efforts, hiring, project based. There’s no end of goals that you could have.

The number one mistake made, especially by people that are just starting off their business or careers is not knowing how to properly set and plan for their goals.

According to a study by Harvard Business School found that only 3% of respondents had written down their goals. Those that did were three times more likely to succeed than those that had some type of plan in mind but did not write it down. This same study also found that 83% who had no goals at all were the least successful in the group.

Studies suggest that writing down your goals helps you to clarify what you want, focus your efforts, track your progress, and overcome obstacles. Writing down your goals also makes them more concrete and motivational, as you can see and review them anytime. Furthermore, writing down your goals may activate your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS), which filters and prioritizes the information that reaches your consciousness. By writing down your goals, you may be telling your brain to look for opportunities and resources that can help you achieve them.

It’s important not only to write down your goals but to realistically plan the steps, effort and time. I recently had a discussion with someone that wanted X in sales for their company but doesn’t have a background in sales. When I discussed the basic ratios of how many contacts would need to be made on average in order to generate the sales that were wanted they were flabbergasted. When we took the time to build out the actions need to reach that goal, schedule the time to take the actions to do those actual actions, and get a game plan together the confidence level became much higher of what could be achieved.

If this is you? The one without a plan? The one without thought of steps to get to the goal? Our webinar next week for Boss Babes is going to be all about goal setting based on the SMART plan. I’ve led sales teams, coached, and taught how to do this for years. I hope you join us!

Go get ’em!


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