Got a deck of…business cards?

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Ever gone to a conference, networking event, or trip and come back with the stack? The stack of dreaded business cards that you now have to figure out how to enter into your system and take next steps? You could have a stack from 5 to 500 and it’s still a time suck and pain the butt.

Let’s talk about a productivity tool called card scanning. Business card scanning apps are applications that allow you to scan and store the contact information from physical business cards using your smartphone’s camera. They can help you save time and improve data quality by avoiding manual entry of the details. They can also help you organize and manage your contacts, as well as integrate them with other platforms, such as email clients, calendars, and CRM systems.

There are many business card scanning apps available for both Android and iPhone users, each with different features and prices. Here are just a few of them:

• ScanBizCards: This app lets you scan and export business cards to your phone contacts, CRM, or email. It also has a human transcription service that can verify the accuracy of the scanned data. It supports multiple languages and has a web sync feature that allows you to access your cards from any device. (LOVE this app if your CRM does not have a direct function. Highly recommend it. It’s also one of the first card scanning apps that was out there so it’s tried and true and always getting better and easier.)

• CamCard: This app is an all-in-one business card scanner that can scan, manage, and exchange business cards. It can also sync your cards across smartphones, tablets, and the web. It has a smart crop feature that automatically detects the card edges and a batch scan mode that can scan multiple cards at once.

• HubSpot Business Card Scanner: This app is a free and easy way to scan business cards and add them to your HubSpot CRM. It can also enrich the contact data with information from HubSpot’s database, such as company name, industry, and location. You can also create tasks, notes, and deals for your contacts within the app. Did I mention it is FREE? It’s available on the HubSpot free version (I’m frugal…don’t blame a girl! This is another one of my favorites.)

• Scanbot: This app is a versatile document scanner that can also scan business cards. It can extract the contact information from the cards and save them to your phone contacts or cloud services. It also has OCR technology that can recognize text in 60 languages and a QR code scanner that can scan codes from business cards.

These are just some of the examples of business card scanning apps to address the deck of cards you get from networking events. The quicker you can input them, the quicker that you can follow up, take action, put a plan in place and get some sales!

Best of luck to you!


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