Many Hats…

I wear many hats. One of them is as a payment processor working for a company that offers several types of services to help their customers. Please see below and if I can assist you with any of my services or partners I would love to work with you.

To ask for more information about any of my services or partners please click HERE.

Joint Venture Pay (JVP)

I worked in payment processing for several years and helped lead the company. When the owners decided to focus on other projects and offered to let me buy the company…

Well who could say no to that?

Most merchant processors offer one solution. We are very different. We offer several. We’re also always looking for better and more cost effective solutions.

Due to this, and our partnerships within the industry, we can help all shapes and sizes, from everything from your corner coffee shop, to a cannabis dispensary.

We were one of the first merchant processors to actually work in the cannabinoid space. We understand the intricacies of the market. We specialize in helping merchants find the best solution we can for them. Even the ones who’ve mad a dozen calls because they couldn’t find something, or got turned down elsewhere, We want you to be successful. Give us 15 minutes to see if we’d be a good fit for you.

Also? We have a list of contacts within the markets that may be able to help you if you’re looking for a cannabinoid safe bank, or a lawyer, or a digital marketer that knows the rules and regs. Payroll and HR? No problem. We have contacts that we’d be more than happy to introduce you to.

We give back at no cost to you or your customers through our “Every Swipe Benefits Charity” program. It’s just how we roll

Get faster capital to move your business forward through cash advance from your own sales receipts. Our simple process lets you apply and get approved in minutes – all online, with zero printed paperwork.

See how much funding you can get for your growing business. Get started by submitting your application today. Just click HERE.

When it asks who you were referred by please put Michelle Mattice!

That’s me!

Liftify is for businesses – Local, franchises, and enterprises – who are looking to accelerate their online reviews. Building a stellar brand reputation puts you above the competition, driving higher quality leads and growing your business.

  • Drive more leads
  • Beat the competition online
  • Own your market
  • Boost your revenue

To register for a private demonstration click HERE.

“Every Swipe Benefits Charity” (ESBC) is our company “Give Back” program.

With any of the services that JVP or PFP offer (listed above), they take 10% of their NET, without charging their merchants or their customers, and they donate it to a vetted charity of the merchant’s choice. No additional cost. It’s just how we roll.

We support a variety of charities. Things like cancer research, autism, veteran’s organizations and more. We love partnering with new charities as well.

So if you’re looking to give back in even small ways? ESBC is a great way to do so. Or if you’re a charity looking for a new fundraising program, ESBC might just be for you too. Find out more HERE.

I was raised by an old school pharmacist Dad.

Then I worked for large pharma. Did you know that MOST doctors don’t know the details of the newer medications that they prescribe? I once had a doctor that prescribed a medication to his patients that put them at cardiac events. He’d been prescribing it for YEARS. His patients were having heart attacks left and right because he never took the time to read the instructions and he never associated it with his prescription!

I’ve learned a ton since then about researching the crap about what I put into my body.

Fast forward to today? I have an auto-immune disease and a gluten allergy. I’ve learned to be really careful of what I put in my body these days.

That’s why I love Shaklee. Quality products from quality sources. They keep me healthy when everyone else is coming down with colds. Energized when others are lagging. Mentally sharp when others lag behind after their coffee wears off. Olympic athletes use their stuff!

Oh…one last thing? They have 100% money back guarnatee. Even with an empty bottle. You don’t like something? It doesn’t work for you? Shaklee will refund you.

For more information click HERE.

To ask for more information about any of my services or partners please click HERE.

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