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When I worked for a certain mouse back in the day, there were times we would come into our offices and find a book on our office chair. It would instantly lead to a feeling of nauseousness because we would be expected to read it quickly and be able to give intelligent feedback, usually in front of our team and even our division.

I hated it. May still have PTSD when I see books like that in fact.

Let me correct a perception you now have of me at this point. I LOVE to read.

My mother was an English teacher, I had a college level reading level in the 3rd grade, and my parents had to gather all flashlights in the house and put them out of my reach otherwise I’d stay curled up all night reading under the covers. I was THAT kid. Even now, my husband will tell you I would rather read a book than watch a show.

I just HATE self-help and business books. I love reading to learn. Love learning about history, and biographies. Something about business and self-help books however set my teeth on edge though. They usually make me want to fall asleep, my eyes glaze over, and zoning out occurs regularly.

Then? I got hooked on an Audible subscription and Pod casts

See reading (listening) to these books and podcasts are REALLY important for anyone in business in this day in age. It keeps your skills up to date. It teaches you new ones. It teaches you new technologies and tools. It keeps you on your A game.

Now? I have a method. I listen while I grocery shop (the people around me are probably much happier and I want to kill less obnoxious children in my wake). I listen in the car. Occasionally in the shower. Cooking dinner. Times where I can listen and do something passive is a win-win in my world.

If it’s a good book and I like it? I might buy the electronic version. If it’s a REALLY good book? I buy the hard copy. As I look at the shelves around my office there are many filled with business books. I even have authors that I just go straight to the hard copy now. I’m making progress.

If you aren’t learning actively or passively, then how to you increase your knowledge and improve? Because I can tell you, people who don’t on a regular basis are usually the ones that get left behind. My mother, the educator, used to tell me, “If you don’t learn at least one new thing a day, you’ve wasted your day. When you stop learning, you stop living.” Mom was pretty smart.

So in an effort to increase your skills, learn new things, and improve your business everything…

Which are your favorite business books that you’ve read and why? I’d love to know…I might put them on my list next.

Until next time!


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