Time Management is Vital to Success

WAAAY back in the day there were these things called Day-Timers, or if you were really fancy, Franklin Covey planners. (They’re still around and used frequently by non-computerized folk). Then this thing came out called a Palm Pilot. Now? There’s more than a dozen well known and utilized electronic planners. The question is why?

Why are these things so frequently used? Why are they important?

Time Management is one of the most vital skills to a person’s success. Not just for business. Students, people with goals, people with kids, lives…need to manage their time. You show me someone who has horrible time management skills and I will show you someone that is stressed, forgets vital things, and raised blood pressure…sometimes other people’s when they have to deal with the time management lacking person.

t can reduce stress and improve well-being. By planning and organizing your tasks according to your time and priorities, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated by your workload. You can also leave some room for unexpected events or issues that may arise and cause stress. According to one sourcehttps://hbr.org/2020/01/time-management-is-about-more-than-life-hacks, learning to manage your time can lower your stress levels and help you feel more in control of your work and life.

Time management:

  • Increases productivity and performance. By focusing on one task at a time, setting realistic deadlines, and avoiding distractions or interruptions, you can complete your tasks faster and better. You can also achieve more in less time and meet or exceed your goals and expectations. Effective time management skills can boost your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Enhances your reputation and career prospects. By delivering high-quality work on time, you can demonstrate your reliability, professionalism, and competence to your employer, coworkers, and clients. You can also gain their trust, respect, and appreciation for your work. Time management skills are among the most desired and rarest skills in the workforce.
  • Creates more opportunities and flexibility. By managing your time well, you can free up some time for other activities that are important or enjoyable to you. You can also pursue new opportunities for learning, growth, or innovation that may arise. You can also balance your work and personal life better and achieve greater satisfaction. Good time management skills can help you improve your work-life balance and happiness.

Some tips:

  • Combine all of your calendars into one. Or one view. Let them speak to each other so you don’t double book yourself.
  • Make the upgrade to the electronic version. There are various free applications that you can use desktop and on your phone and tablet.
  • Really dive into the application. You will find that most people only use a fraction of the technology at their fingertips. Technology that was developed to keep you more organized and generally make life easier for you. Use it.

This week’s webinar is all about Time Management. Next month’s is going over Outlook and Google applications to help us all use this technology more fully. I’m not an expert but I am one of those people that push buttons, look for updates on a regular basis, and keep up on new integrations. All in an effort to make my life easier.

Who doesn’t like easy?

Until next time!


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