Trademarks…Yes or No?

I was recently asked if I had trademarked something I had developed. It had never occurred to me until the person asked. When I responded that I hadn’t? This advisor told me I should and quickly.

I started doing some thinking. Then realizing that she might be onto something so I did some research which I thought I’d share what I learned.

Trademarks are important for your business because they help you protect your brand identity, reputation, and goodwill. Trademarks also help you communicate with your customers and stand out from your competitors. Here are some of the benefits of trademarking your business:

  • They are an effective communication tool. Trademarks can convey intellectual and emotional attributes and messages about you, your company, reputation, products, and services.
  • They help identify your products and services.
  • They help you build customer loyalty and trust.
  • They can give you legal protection against infringement.
  • They can increase the value of your business. They are intangible assets that can appreciate over time.
  • They can attract investors, partners, and customers you value your brand equity.

If you would like to learn more, visit the US Patent and Trademark Office HERE. It’s a website I’m becoming familiar with.

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