What is Your Why?

I’ve had a variety of jobs over the years. Some of them pretty disgusting. From cleaning hospital rooms, hotel rooms, recycling in the hot Florida sun, (think all the garbage from a three thousand room resort being sorted through to recycle…I just LOVED the dirty diaper garbage bags) to weddings, training manager, and more.

There is always a why. A why I’m willing to do what I’m doing. A goal in mind. Various goals over the years have consisted of paying my way through college. Learning a new skill. Building to a new level in my career. Providing for my family. Spoiling my grandbabies. There is always a why behind what I do. A reason I’m willing to put up with phone calls at weird times, being asked repetitive questions, putting up with sorting garbage. Doing weird things.

Currently? My why (and her sister) are my pride and joy. Everything I do is for them. For our adventures in the future. For their well being. A Nana’s job is to spoil after all.

Happiness is not cured by being rich. Yes….we all want to be financially secure. However, we can find joy in many different formats. For example, one of my favorite moments is when I sit around the campfire sitting toasting a marshmallow enjoying a starry evening.

Before you do anything, find out what your why is.

You may already know it.

You may have no idea.

It’s an important thing to know. If you don’t know, then do some soul searching. I would recommend making a list of what you want. Out of the next year, the next five years, etc. Where you want to be in 20 years.

If you’re into that type of thing, make a vision board. It doesn’t mean that you have to get out the scissors and glue stick out, my computer monitor wall paper has pictures on it with my why. Just make sure it’s somewhere that you can easily access it and see it on a regular basis.

That way, when you have a crappy day. They do happen from time to time. You can refer to it. Get remotivated. Give yourself a pep talk.

If you’re looking for more help, figuring out your why. Setting and achieving your goals. Let me help. That’s just one of the things I coach. I’d love to assist you.

Until next time…I’ve got a campfire to go sit around. Have an awesome day and go conquer the world!


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